Some love chats; others don't

Chats are different. They can go quickly, and people can wander away, or respond to something from minutes (or half an hour) before, so it's confusing. Some people enjoy the format and some don't, so don't feel bad if you're averse. Here are some ideas about what happens:

In the chat on February 8, 2016, I wrote a bit how the chats work (and don't work):
I have mentioned somewhere a time or two (on the writing page? in here?) that this chat uses something that school never EVER taught. But many workplaces need it. And it's still not taught: Real-time writing.

So for those who don't mind confusion (when three conversations weave back and forth like a car chase), or who can type fast and think fast and won't get a headache, this can be fun, in a mental-gymnastics way. But it's not for everybody, I know.

"What it's like in an Introvert's Head" could explain in images why some people don't like (or can't read or enjoy) fast chats. It might help you with an introverted relative or friend, too!

The illustration is from this page, which has others!
6 Illustrations That Show What It’s Like in an Introvert’s Head

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