When, Where and How?

Someday, again, maybe.

Thursdays for two hours, beginning at noon mountain time at my house in New Mexico which is also
11:00 am Pacific
noon Mountain time
1:00 pm Central
2:00 pm Eastern
7:00 pm Lisbon/UK

In a Chatzy room, which is here: http://us4.chatzy.com/unschooling

The password is goodidea.

Please choose a color other than green for your user name. I dibs green for the host color.
Use more than just a first name, for clarity, if your name is common; we have duplicates.

The chat sometimes goes quickly. To get it to be still so you can read back, click "Review," or "Save/Print," on the lefthand side. That will open a file you don't need to save or print. You can read it while it's still and then use "return" to get back into the flow.