Sunday, November 25, 2012

Learning and connections and MOVIES

November 28, we'll talk about movies and unschooling. 

What have you (your own self) learned from movies, about history or geography?  Human nature?  Art, music or dance?  

A hundred years ago, people began to take novels seriously as a medium through which to view everyday life and thought, or rarified special life and thought.   Movies aren't new anymore.  

In the late 19th century, there was a movie theater in Buffalo, New York which was described this eay a few decades later: "There were seats for about 90 persons and the admission was three cents. Feeble, flickering films of travel scenes were the usual fare."  It only lasted two years.

Movies are going through another slump now, because people can watch movies at home so easily.  They've gone from being like expensive non-circulating books in libraries, to being as available as paperback books (VHS and DVD) to being like e-books now (downloadable, streaming, on-demand).  

There are psychologists and philosophers who discuss movies in terms ways can be used in therapy and spiritual growth.  

Try to bring a story.

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