Sunday, November 17, 2013

Unexpected Outcomes, November 20

November 20, Unexpected Outcomes (page 269), and a few pages following (spouses, trees, pets might be touched upon).

This and one more chat will finish the book, because we're up to the resources, quotes, essays and interviews.

November 27: no chat. I'll be at Hoover Dam with my husband, Keith, as a side trip from Las Vegas where we're going to see Cirque du Soleil and Penn & Teller.

December 4: Joy (page 275), Values (276) and Wonder (279)

Here is page 269's text for those without the book:

Unexpected Outcomes

When my children were young I knew their lives would be different, the differences were greater than any of my expectations. I hadn't known then, either, to predict how different my own life would be, and my husband's.

I didn’t expect this to change my children’s ability to make eye contact with people.
It surprises me that they have friends of such a range of ages.
I didn’t expect them to learn so much without me.
I didn’t expect Kirby and Marty to be offered jobs they didn’t even apply for.
I didn’t know that our relationships could stay so good even when they were teenagers.
I didn’t know they would be so compassionate.
I’m impressed at their real-world courage and principles.
I didn’t expect to like to lose arguments.
I didn’t know I would be so accepting of kids saying “no.”
I didn’t expect it to make things so sweet between me and Keith.
I didn’t expect unschooling to make the grocery store so fun.
I didn’t expect to see school so differently.
I didn’t expect this to improve my relationships with pets.
I didn’t know how much people could learn without reading.
I didn't know we would have friends all over the country, and later all over the world.

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