Sunday, July 27, 2014

Perspective, July 30 chat

I'll be in the chat from Heather Booth's house in Oakland, California. At the HSC conference, one of my presentations is a new topic called "Perspective," and I will have been thinking about that. You can help me!

From the conference schedule:
Where were you before (intellectually, emotionally, philosophically)? Where are you now? Where might you be next year, or in five years?
Ideas for reading might be the TV pages or about food, if you don't have other ideas. There are two pages where I collect people's tales of personal change:
Thoughts on Changing
How Unschooling Changes People

If you're reading this by e-mail and you need a path to the chatroom, click on the title to get to the blog, which has a tab up to the left with the link and password.

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