Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 10 chat on all kinds of science

What IS "science"? If it can be learned without lessons, what is "it"? Bring stories, or questions, or links.

If you own Thinking Sticks, "science" is not one of them. I diluted the idea with lots of topics. Connections to some of those might help you think a new thought or ten. Science and ______ (one of those sticks, or any other idea :-)).

There's not a public list of English words but if you want to see them in Dutch or French, here: (Even if you can't read French, you can read twenty or thirty of those words.)

If you're reading this by e-mail and you need a path to the chatroom, click on the title to get to the blog, which has a tab up to the left with the link and password.

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