Sunday, March 13, 2016

TIME CHANGE and Strewing

It's daylight savings time at my house (and north America's houses, as applicable).

Anyone who lives where daylight savings time doesn't happen, or in Europe where it will happen in two weeks, please double-check your times. I think this is the deal for two weeks:

11:00 am Pacific
noon Mountain time
1:00 pm Central
2:00 pm Eastern
6:00 pm Lisbon/UK
7:00 pm Leiden

Thursday, March 17, 2016:

STREWING is the topic! Think of misconceptions or problems with strewing. If we can see what can go wrong, we can avoid that and only strew the good and happy way! Think of ways to describe it to newer unschoolers to help them avoid confusion.

If you're reading this by e-mail and you need a path to the chatroom, click on the title to get to the blog, which has a tab up to the left with the link and password.

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