Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weed Away Words, October 15 Chat

Sandra Dodd and Heather Booth—an exchange:
Heather, I'm sorry we didn't get to your question on words last week.
I forgot to bring it up. Could you describe what would help you with
your project?
One of the things that helped when I started unschooling was becoming
aware of the words I used. The clearer I became in my thoughts and the
more aware of the impact of my words, the better I was at being an
unschooling parent. I want to discuss with my group the power of
words. "Read a little, try a little, wait a while, watch" and "Say yes
more" are great phrases to get you going in the right direction but if
you are still saying "have to" or "junk food " or "screen time" then
you're stuck in negative thoughts.

Let’s make a list of words and phrases that hinder unschooling – and a
list of alternatives phrases or thoughts. If we have time at the end
let's end on a high note and make a list of words that help.
Sandra Dodd:

I want to talk about illogical phrases, then, if there's time. Sometimes something sounds good but makes no sense. It's good for people to be on the lookout for those, too. :-)
Wednesday October 15, two hours beginning:
8:30 am Pacific
9:30 am Mountain
10:30 am Central
11:30 am Eastern
4:30 pm Lisbon/UK
5:30 pm Netherlands

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