Sunday, November 2, 2014

I can't chat November 5 (but you can!)

My sister is coming to town (Albuquerque has "the airport") from Chama (100 miles NW of here), leaving her car with me, and needing a ride to the airport to go to Florida. She has never gone on a vacation by herself. This is big. :-)

So I'm going to take her and hang out a while, and that'a all starting before chat time and ending afterwards.

The room is always there, so if people want to go and just chat about anything at all, that's fine. If you want to leave ideas for some future chat topics, that's cool.

We went through The Big Book of Unschooling, topic by topic. We could do that with pages new to the site, or with my earlier essays (in Moving a Puddle, and most are linked here:
and pages new to the site are listed here:
Maybe by looking randomly, there, you might find a topic we haven't done.

If you're reading this by e-mail and you need a path to the chatroom, click on the title to get to the blog, which has a tab up to the left with the link and password.

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