Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chat hiatus continues

I just haven't gotten myself back in the mood.

I was sick for a few weeks, then Keith was incapacitated for a while, and when he was better, I got sick again. But it's not just that...

Turns out, I guess, I'm tired of chats. And I'm sorry to say so. But the two hours of the chat plus prep (however slight) and the clean-up (NOT slight, when it involves editing and coding and publishing a chat) takes longer than two hours.

Jill suggests maybe if there's a really good topic, maybe once a month would be good. The chat room is over $10 a month. Maybe that's okay. Maybe that much to "rent a room" isn't bad.

I think if it's not weekly and regular, people will forget. But rather than having a small regular crowd, it might be better to get good topics and advertise widely. I'll think. Input is welcome.

It seems to me to be a better use of time (more satisfying to me, and useful to a greater number of people) for me to work on my webpage, and on Just Add Light and Stir, and to respond on discussions.

Every week (or more often) I discover a web page I started and never finished or announced. This "deprivation" page is an example.

Here's another unfinished page:

It is partly, and will (maybe someday) be more links to things from 1994, 1995, that we used to send out on AOL. Here's a transcript of a chat from 1995. Twenty years. I know I missed a few years, but there were weeks with two or three chats a week, too. That's a lot of years.

So there's some excuses for me and some reading for you! Have fun. :-)


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