Thursday, December 10, 2015

A chat transcript, Openness to Experience

From February 2014, a chat transcript.

I finished editing it because I was adding something to a web page, and notice the link was still awaiting completion.

There is the page on openness. I added something to the bottom, from a topic that's been stirred up at Radical Unschooling Info.

SO!! I feel guilty about not doing chats and am willing to start them up again in January, if there's enough interest. My favorite time is Wednesday at noon-at-my-house, partly because it's super easy to remember, middle of day middle of week. That's dinnertime/evening in Europe, 11:00 a.m. West Coast of north America, 2:00 East.

If there are regulars who can't make that time, please propose another time.
If there's interest, please try to stay for as much of the chat as possible. Part of my frustration was people coming in for half and hour and leaving, and all different half hours. We could do one hour instead of two, if that would help people be there.

If there's not enough interest, I could let the chat room go. Donations covered the cost for another year, so it's there until October 2016, when I might let it fade. Maybe facebook is fast enough to cover the desire for immediate feedback and we don't need a chatroom anymore!

Please write if you have opinions, either to me by e-mail or in comments at the blog. If you got this by e-mail, click the title and I think it will take you there. Thanks!


  1. For the chat transcript, the Psychology Today article seems to be gone. I found the same quote here:


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