Sunday, May 29, 2016

Interpersonal Intelligence, June 2

Interpersonal intelligence is about understanding other people—their non-verbal expressions, their motivations and desires and moods. In school, this is used by some kids to play to the teachers's preferences and prejudices (or just to play the teachers). When I was a kid, the only bad grades I got were in conduct or deportment. I was off exercising my interpersonal intelligence, but it was not on the curriculum, so it was "being bad."

In the world outside of school, it can be the best part of some kids lives! So how can we appreciate and accommodate it?

The series on multiple intelligences:

May 5 Visual/spatial intelligence
May 12 Musical intelligence
May 19 Verbal/linguistic intelligence
May 26 Logical/mathematical intelligence

June 2 Interpersonal intelligence
June 9 Intrapersonal intelligence
June 16 Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence

June 23 Naturalistic (added as #8)

June 30 Existential / spiritual (in consideration—not fully accepted)

July 7 make-up day (if one of those above has been missed, or a new topic if not)

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