Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Visual/Spatial Intelligence

For nine weeks, I want to go through each of the intelligences discussed by fans of the work of Howard Gardner and his Multiple Intelligence theory. I have a page on my site, here: SandraDodd.com/intelligences

This week, Visual/Spatial!

So the other chats I will schedule now.
IF THERE IS A CANCELLATION, let's add the missed one in at the end.

Original set:

May 5 Visual/spatial intelligence
May 12 Musical intelligence
May 19 Verbal/linguistic intelligence
May 26 Logical/mathematical intelligence
June 2 Interpersonal intelligence
June 9 Intrapersonal intelligence
June 16 Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence

June 23 Naturalistic (added as #8)

June 30 Existential / spiritual (in consideration—not fully accepted)

July 7 make-up day (if one of those above has been missed, or a new topic if not)

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