Sunday, May 15, 2016

Verbal/linguistic intelligence

Verbal/linguistic intelligence is the easiest of these to consider, because most people use language, or understand it. Some people do it exceptionally well, or learn additional languages easily. In a way, it's a hard thing to appreciate, because most people use language,and can put some words down on paper, and so some don't appreciate the range of ease or facility.

For unschoolers this one can cause stumbles, because it's so... SCHOOLY. :-)
So think outside any box you're used to, if you can, and consider how this intelligence shows itself in your family, and in the world around you.

Here is something short and painless, about similarities and differences in a few pop culture words in three languages. (Two or more of these people speak English; they probably all speak Korean. "Big Bang" is a Korean boy band.)

"Sofa" is not an English word, though. :-) It's from Turkish, and Arabic before that, probably picked up by Christian Crusaders in the Middle Ages (not the upholstered furniture, but the term for it, when they DID start upholstering benches in western Europe, later). Word trivia is fun for some people, and not for other people, because.... various reasons. Think about your own.

A similar video, with the addition of Chinese, is here:

The series on multiple intelligences:

May 5 Visual/spatial intelligence
May 12 Musical intelligence

May 19 Verbal/linguistic intelligence
May 26 Logical/mathematical intelligence
June 2 Interpersonal intelligence
June 9 Intrapersonal intelligence
June 16 Bodily/kinesthetic intelligence

June 23 Naturalistic (added as #8)

June 30 Existential / spiritual (in consideration—not fully accepted)

July 7 make-up day (if one of those above has been missed, or a new topic if not)

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